Shari Foster

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Event Edition:
WOW VIII - 2016

Shari Foster is an Associate Consultant with McEachnie Group Private Wealth Management at Investors Group.

Shari has been involved in volunteering in her community for her entire life. She was raised with a strong value to help the community and people around her, especially those in her immediate vicinity. She sees a need and responds on a personal level, and encourages those around her to do the same. She believes that our communities would be better if we all took just a couple of minutes per day to help and support those around us. As an example, Shari often eats half of her lunch and then gives the rest to the first homeless person she sees on the street. It takes a few seconds of her time and makes a big different in that person’s day.

Shari has held many leadership volunteer positions and sat on many boards. She currently sits on the Community Care Concepts board and heads the organizing committee for the A Wee Toast scotch tasting dinner fundraiser. Shari started a grass roots program to sponsor a family for Christmas with the Infant and Child Development Program and has encouraged friends and local businesses to contribute, and now each Christmas several needy families are sponsored. She tries to say something positive to a stranger on the street each day, and is often rewarded with a smile or positive comment back. Her energetic, positive attitude spills over to the people around her and she’s always willing to jump in lend a hand when she sees that one is needed. Shari definitely makes a difference in our community.

Shari has two adult sons who are also active volunteers in their communities.