Olesia Fiodorova

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Event Edition:
WOW VIII - 2016

Small business owner/operator and personal trainer in Waterloo Region since 2006. EuroFit was originally opened in Kitchener and currently operating in Waterloo.

As a small business owner I realized and learned to appreciate importance of community support. ‎As my business venture grew, it was time to give back! I have organized fundraisers and raised money for KidsAbility and Kitchener Ice Pirates (Special Needs Hockey Team). 2013 was the year when I looked into supporting Fee Assistance Program with City of Waterloo- program that gives any child an opportunity to participate in minor sports that are affiliated with City of Waterloo regardless their family’s financial means. I involved my son’s hockey team into this project and taken them every year to City Council to present funds raised to the Mayor with purpose of teaching them charitable fundraising and importance of strong community! So far to date I have raised $25016 to this amazing program which will help many kids in our city!