Nicolas Czako

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Event Edition:
WOW VIII - 2016


Nicolas Czako is currently a student at Northlake Woods P.S. in Waterloo and is a unique young gentleman who thrives in the world of art. Nicolas exhibits amazing signs of creativity, even at the young age of 13; his art already speaks for itself. There are many difficulties in being an artist and Nicolas has seized the challenge by involving himself in more advanced (adult) art study courses in the Waterloo Uptown Gallery where he has already sold some of his pieces. The ultimate gratitude for an artist is when a client actually wants to have the art work in their life, not just casually admire in a gallery. His gift has been recognized by his teachers, local artists as well as classmates. He has even done private commissioned work. His incredibly good hearted nature makes him a real pleasure to talk to and his passion goes way beyond the normal interest of a seventh grade student.

Not only is Nicolas an amazing artist, but is also a talented and eloquent writer who has several ‘unpublished’ short stories.  He prioritizes his academic commitments and strives to meet all of his goals, leaving him time for his true passion….art! In his own words “I love to share my artwork and make people happy, because when I see someone else smiling and admiring something that I created, and just seeing someone smile in general, makes me happy.”

Children face many challenges these days and it is a real pleasure to witness this kind of exemplary dedication to his new found craft. This exceptional young man with an amazing gift truly describes an artist in the making. Nicolas hopes to enroll in the Integrated Arts Program at Eastwood high school where he will continue to grow as an artist and influence others in a positive way.