Larry Lesperance

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Event Edition:
WOW VIII - 2016

Larry is an equine specialist caring for horse and zoo animals around SW Ontario as a farrier. His love of animals grew from a young boy growing up with his family running a dude ranch where they had visitors from all over the world sharing time, singing campfire songs and learning about life and love. Larry was a natural horse whisperer from young and has developed these skills to enable his expertise in dealing with his equine patients.

Larry’s love of music developed when his Mom taught him to play guitar and they would sing campfire songs. From there, Larry was involved in their folk mass group singing on Sundays for many years with his sisters, and friends.

Together with his wife Holly, Larry performs for causes raising funds for mission groups, fundraisers for kids in hospital, injured colleagues, & community events. Larry’s positive love of life and music shines through in everything he does.

Larry uses social media to interact with people sending positive messages, and photos to brighten their day empowering them to “Help Make Life Good”. With so many negative postings, news events and such… people love to follow Larry after all…”Life Is Good” and he makes our days better with his special news feeds.

Favourite Sayings: Life is Good
Favourite Empowerment: Help Make Life Good
Favourite Song: “My Angel” …We are never alone…Everybody is somebody’s angel…