Chris Cowie

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Event Edition:
WOW VIII - 2016

Chris has worked as a senior manager in community charities related to justice, anti-poverty, community development and international mission since 1988. While working with young offenders in 1989 he worked in partnership with Community Justice Initiatives to develop a Victim Offender Reconciliation program and from that time forward has been a strong proponent of using restorative practices in response to many kinds of crime and conflict.

He has previously served as the Executive Director of two Kitchener based agencies, the Director of Regional Development for SIM Canada and has been the current Executive Director at Community Justice Initiatives since January of 2010

Chris has also served on several Boards of Directors, worked in various church leadership capacities and served two terms as President of the Ontario Association of Community Correctional Residences.

He currently, serves as Chair of the Waterloo Regional Crime Prevention Council and has a Masters Degree in Leadership from the University of Guelph. He also teaches Restorative Justice at the University of Waterloo and is a sessional instructor at Conestoga College.

Chris is married with two children, two step children and four grandchildren. In his spare time he’s either renovating something, reading something, cooking something or playing old-timers hockey and pretending to be a kid again.