Brian Benwell

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Event Edition:
WOW VIII - 2016

Brian Benwell is a Program Manager at Teledyne DALSA in Waterloo.  With a background in Physics, he has designed machine vision products, and has led  teams creating imaging products for medical and x-ray applications.  Presently he is leading a multi-national team creating new technology for infrared imaging.  Brian enjoys the challenge of helping diverse teams of experts work together, balancing the technical and human aspects of teamwork.  Highly skilled technical people can often find it difficult to work together.  Mentoring new technical minds, particularly in the art of collaboration towards a common goal is a skill that Brian is always focused on improving.

Brian is also engaged in the community at large in a number of ways.  He has spent time on the Board of Directors of the Canadian Celiac Association, including a term as the National President. He is also a volunteer coach with the Waterloo Minor Soccer Association, having enjoyed coaching teams that all four of his children have played on over a span of 15 years.  Brian?s family has welcomed students from places such as Japan, Uganda, and Colombia, benefiting from the cultural exchange and exposure to diversity offered by volunteering space in their home.