Brenda Agnew

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Event Edition:
WOW VIII - 2016

Brenda is the proud mother of two boys, Chase and Maclain. Her son Maclain has severe Cerebral Palsy and profound hearing loss. Since receiving her son’s diagnosis, she has been tireless in her efforts to navigate the endless stream of systems and programs as she advocates for Maclain wherever necessary. As with many other parents on this journey,  Brenda is faced daily with the numerous challenges of raising a child with special needs. School, the medical community, government agencies, and children treatments centres are just a few of the areas where much time and resources have been spent to ensure that her son receive the appropriate services and supports.

Brenda is determined to connect with, and assist, as many families as possible while they navigate their journey through the special needs world. Through the THREE TO BE FOUNDATION, as the Director of PAL, in which she serves in a volunteer capacity, she hopes to continue to provide information, resources, advocacy, and peer support, all with the end goal of supporting and empowering families like hers.
Brenda currently serves on many patient and family advisory committees both locally and provincially, including the Special Education Advisory Committee with the Halton District Catholic School Board, and the Burlington Accessibility Advisory Committee.

Prior to beginning this new life with Maclain, Brenda was a part of the corporate world for over 20 years with positions in customer service, business development, client management and operational support. Currently she resides in Burlington with her husband Graham and their 2 sons.