Arjun Pandey

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Event Edition:
WOW VIII - 2016

Arjun Pandey has been an exemplary youth and role model to WOWtheworld at such a young age. He is humble, kind and passionate about his pursuits in science, social justice and philanthropy. He excels academically, has a passion for learning, yet finds the time to make a strong contribution to his community and the world.

He started an international charity, whose purpose it is to link one youth with another youth directly in another part of the world for mentorship, guidance and support. He led a team of 5 volunteers for the last 3 years to travel to Mother Theresa’s Orphanage in India for a month each summer to work hands on with street children in Patna, India. Arjun has had a commitment to the advancement of the human experience. This charity has raised over $25,000.00 to date for Syrian Refugee youth sponsored in Canada, youth in storm ravaged Philippines, Ebola victims in Africa and abandoned youth in the streets of India. As Arjun often reminds his other volunteers, “we may not change the world with your simple acts of kindness, but we can impact the life of one child. We can give them love, hope, compassion and a caring hand.”

Arjun also mentors youth at high school to pursue STEM careers, he is part of the Waterloo United (U15) Soccer Team, (U16) Youth Basketball Team, Robotics Team, “Reach for the Top” Trivia Team, Science Club and Public Speaking Club.

Arjun is also a linguist. His commitment to language skills actually came from a speech impediment Arjun had as young child. He worked hard with a speech pathologist to overcome this difficulty, so much so that it spawned a passion in him for public speaking. He has gone on to win school, city wide, regional and now provincial speech and debate competitions in both English and French. Due to his communication skills and interpersonal skills, Arjun was selected to be the “Prime minister” in the regional Model Parliament and Federal Provincial (FED-PROV) Conference. Arjun has always felt that communication is essential and the more languages you can speak, the more you can understand others around both here in Canada and around the world. Beyond his English and French skills, Arjun takes private tutoring lessons to learn Hindi so that he can communicate with the orphans of Mother Theresa’s Charity in India when he goes there each summer to volunteer for a month.

He campaigned personally in 2008 and 2012 for candidate Obama as he felt the world needed a new leader to inspire change and bring hope to a world in conflict. He has remained engaged with social and political action groups both in Canada and other parts of the world and spend much of his spare time working on causes to uplift the disadvantaged.

He is the spokesperson for the Canadian Pulmonary Hypertension society and writes advocacy pieces to advance better understanding and funding for this often forgotten but deadly disease state. He conducts research in this field under the mentorship of world renowned researchers to advance therapeutic options for these patients.