2016 nominations are now closed. Thank you to all who submitted nominations.


Nomination Categories
WOW VIII – 2016

Community Hero

Selfless, Caring, Inspirational
The WOW Community Hero Award recognizes an individual who constantly gives back to make the community (local, national or global) a better place for us all to live. They have impact on the community by making a difference in the lives of others and having a focus on the greater good for all.


Determined, Tireless, Catalyst
The WOW Driver Award recognizes an individual committed to their life’s work, is passionate about what they do and leads by example. They are a leader who challenges the status quo to try to make things better. This individual moves a whole unit (people, mandate, and team) forward both by example and through motivating others. They are keen to continually learn and are actively engaged, often with others, in discovering new and exciting pathways, whether it’s at work, in the community or at home.


Creative, Visionary, Pioneer
The WOW Innovator Award recognizes an individual who leads where few have gone before. They create new or innovative ways of achieving goals. They trail blaze to develop new methods, processes, technologies or scientific advances that make a difference directly or indirectly on peoples’ lives. The Innovator exceeds mandates, creates change, breaks barriers and has an entrepreneurial spirit.


Leader, Role Model, Advisor
The WOW Mentor Award recognizes an individual who fosters the development and advancement of others. They are a guiding light to those they inspire and guide. They selflessly act as a role model, advisor and advocate as they develop the skills and talents of others.

WOW Factor

Passionate, Remarkable, Authentic
The WOW Factor Award recognizes an individual who exemplifies attributes from all categories while not fitting into just one. They use their passion to fuel action in their community, workplace and personal life. They touch the lives of many without the need for recognition or gratitude. They are the true definition of what we mean when we say WOW!

Youth WOW

Passionate, Leader, Mindful
The WOW Youth Award recognizes an individual, under the age of 21, who is passionate, driven and wise beyond their years. They recognize the need to be engaged in their surroundings and give back to their community without thought towards personal recognition or gratitude.


1. What is the nomination deadline?

Completed nomination forms must be received by March 31st at midnight for consideration. Two completed letters of endorsement must be received with the nomination form.

2. When will the nominees be notified?

Nominees will be contacted by the WOW Nomination and Judging committee to accept
their nomination soon after the nomination is received.
The names of the nominators will not be disclosed.
Nominees who decline the nomination will not be considered as part of the judging process.

3. What is a Letter of Endorsement?

Please ensure that two letters of endorsement are included with the nomination.
Incomplete nominations will not be considered.
Letters of endorsement should support the information in the nomination form.
Please be sure that the endorsement letter includes the nominees name.

4. My nominee could be nominated in more than one category. May I choose more than one?

Nominees will be judged in only one category.
Please select the one category that best represents your nominee.
Please review the category descriptions for more information.

5. Can a previous nominee and/or award recipient be nominated again?

If a nominee has been previously nominated, he/she may be nominated again. If he/she is a previous award recipient, they may not be nominated again.

6. Who are the WOW judges?

Nominees will be judged by a committee of inspiring women and men and may include previous WOW award recipients. WOW judges will not be disclosed.

7. How are nominees judged?

Nominees will be judged based on the categories and information provided in the nomination form.

8. When will judging take place?

Judging will take place in April 2016.

9. When will the award recipients be notified?

Award recipients will be announced the night of the award ceremony, on May 5th, 2016.

10. Where can I purchase tickets?

Tickets can be purchased from our website at

11. Are there corporate sponsorship opportunities available?

There are a variety of corporate sponsorship opportunities.
To learn more about sponsoring the WOW event, or purchasing a corporate table, please visit or email for more information.

If you have any additional questions about the nomination process, please contact