Moments of WOW

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    Traveling to Tanzania Africa to finally meet the two children we sponsor, Yunisi and Shedracki, and see their big beautiful smiles in person.Christine
  • My Husband

    Realizing he loved me and my son from hello, unconditionally. In all storms, unwavering.Amanda
  • My Mom

    Realizing she was right.Amanda
  • My Son

    WOW Moment having him teach me selflessness by telling me not to yell at the truck driver who cut me off on the highway because he needed to exit and get his dinner too!Amanda
  • The Summit

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    To celebrate my 30th year, and the close my first marriage, I took a 2 1/2 week trip to South America alone. The photo is me at the top of Dead Woman's Pass ironic for how I felt in my life at the time. The WOW Moment on this 4 day hike was clear. Looking back at the steps I climbed I knew the memories would be forever, at the summit I finally realized I was capable of anything, and looking forward to my descent guided by the bright sun - the best was yet to come.Amanda
  • My Big Donation

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    I found this photo of myself at 6 years old and felt I loved this strange dog as much now as I did then. Enough to give the dog my treasured cookie made me smile just a little. Wishing the WOW moment be we recognize all animals as part of our balanced world.Amanda

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