Moments of WOW

  • WOW moment with a few new Syrian families today

    Dropping off pastries and kid crafts to a few new Syrian families today. We shared little conversation but the wecome, gentle smiles from the adults and delight on the face of a little girl as she's peeked in the bags and saw the crayons and coloring books was so sweet. While we could not communicate with words, I met the mothers eyes and that said it all. So grateful we can welcome them here.P
  • I am seventy five, so I have had many WOW's in my lifetime:

    The biggest ones were when I delivered our children and I held them for the first
    time... Now THAT is a WOW.

    Sue Morgan
  • I gave a coffee to a homeless man, and he said to me very sincerely, God bless you for your kindness.
    I felt truly blessed and peaceful all day.Shari Foster
  • With all that life has to offer, being a mother is one of the greatest gifts of my life. My WOW moment was when I looked at my 3 children and saw what amazing, wonderful individuals they have grown into.Tracy
  • A Mother's Courage

    When returning to my home town in Manitoba where I grew up, I told my Mum that I was homesick and wanted
    to come back. My Mum said that she didn't think I had given Ontario enough chance. This push had such a
    tremendous impact on my life. If not for Mum saying that I would not have met the "two loves" of my life - Dave
    and Scott. I am forever grateful to her for this unselfish act. Marion Neisen
  • My WOW moment is every minute I am lucky enough to spend with my wife Amanda and experience her passion for life and her family. Chris Iles

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