WOWtheworld™ – Waterloo Region is an Annual Recognition Event that celebrates women, men and youth doing extraordinary things, often making a difference in the lives of others. While there are other organizations within Waterloo Region that recognize people for their outstanding achievements, WOWtheworld™ is unique. In addition to recognizing individual women, men, and youth for their inspiration and contributions, WOWtheworld™ recipients in turn pay it forward, by recognizing an individual who has been a leader in his or her life and someone who has been an inspiration and mentor.

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WOWtheworld™ was previously known as Women of Waterloo Region. It was founded 6 years ago, in 2009, by Amanda Knapp who wanted to create a recognition platform that highlights local women who are being extraordinary and often see their contributions as ordinary.

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The idea was inspired at lunch with a friend, discussing the many issues women face in career, family and self. The goal was to bring local women together to celebrate their talents, and help others on their journey.

WOW has been embraced and celebrated in Waterloo Region and its growth been outstanding thanks to the many volunteers and community support. For years, the WOW community heard the contributions both women and men have made to many of our WOW award recipient’s stories and, as such, the WOW spotlight has evolved to include the stories of women, men and youth. Together, we share the WOW spotlight through WOWtheworld™ Waterloo Region, inspiring the world with our stories as a group of diverse individuals, one story at a time. Recognizing each other’s stories and contributions allows us to showcase what we are capable of as individuals, regardless of age or gender, when we stand on equal footing.

WOWtheworld™ is the first to focus on recognizing YOUR story, then empowering YOU to pay it forward by recognizing another amazing WOWtheworld™ recipient, all while helping others through our regional charity of choice, the United Way of Kitchener Waterloo and Region.