We are excited to announce that we are now recognizing men, along with women and youth, as WOW individuals. This community celebration allows us to showcase what we are capable of as individuals regardless of age or gender, when we stand together on equal footing.

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Celebrating women, men and youth

doing extraordinary things and making a difference in the lives of others.

Recognizing WOW moments from individuals in our community, who in turn pay it forward
by recognizing their own leader or mentor, at our annual recognition event

Meet the nominees
Moments of WOW
When returning to my home town in Manitoba where I grew up, I told my Mum that I was homesick and wanted
to come back. My Mum said that she didn't think I had given Ontario enough chance. This push had such a
tremendous impact on my life. If not for Mum saying that I would not have met the "two loves" of my life - Dave
and Scott. I am forever grateful to her for this unselfish act. Marion Neisen